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Looking at the calendar today we realised that we had been travelling for three months as of two days ago. Of course our first thought was to put a quarterly report together (you can take us out of corporate, but you can’t take the corporate out of us).

Don’t worry we’ll celebrate with beers too. So we started thinking about all we had seen, done and learnt. We’ve accomplished a lot so we want to brag about it now. A quarterly travel stats summary in infographic form – not a pie graph in sight.

Travel Stats


We’ve logged a few kilometres over the last few months. Sometimes in comfort others wedged in with somebody else’s seat reclined right into our face. All up we spent 44 hours and 19 minutes in the air and hung out at 8 different airports. Racking up and spending the frequent flyer points.


We’ve visited 10 different cities in Japan, Thailand, Australia (still counts) and Cambodia. We’ve had that awkward ‘getting a feel for the place’ period closely followed by the ‘I love this place; I am an expert’ and ‘I don’t want to leave’ periods. Returning to Chiang Mai this week we thought we were all over it, but in a couple of days have discovered more new stuff.


Both of us have done a few things we have never done before, which is part of what this is all about. Some have been good, others not so much. We ate water snake and tarantula in Cambodia. The snake was kind of like jerky with little bones in it and the spider was just crispy. A less exciting food first was Adam’s first ramen in Tokyo (he is now hooked). Adventure-wise Melissa had her first tuk-tuk ride (losing her hat in the process), and drove a quad bike both on the actual road and off road with the water buffalo, while Adam had his first zip line ride above the tree tops near Angkor Wat. The only really bad first was Melissa succumbing to heat and being sick. She cooled down and was back into the fun pretty quickly though.


We love beer and realised how much so when we check the Untappd check ins for the last three months. 63 new unique beers tried. Pretty proud of ourselves. We have actively sought it out and tried good and bad, including a bottle of what turned out to be rice wine, not beer (not so good). We will be beer aficionado by the end of our travels (bring on Oktoberfest next quarter!).

Digital Nomad-ing

Part of the reason we are doing this is to try and pursue location independent income. It’s going slowly but we were able to complete two courses and get paid for two freelancing jobs between us. We are still learning every day and have met some cool and inspiring people as well. Our digital footprint is definitely out there though. We’ve posted 13 blogs and shared 65 photos on Instagram.

It’s been a great start. We are slightly more confident (you don’t stop being introverted overnight), have so many more passport stamps and already have some stories to tell. Looking forward to the next quarter. We have some more nomad time in Chiang Mai, some beach time in Krabi and then pack our bags for Europe!

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