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When we thought about what we couldn’t travel without, the usual suspects like dry shampoo and neck pillows didn’t top our list (incidentally, we have neither of these with us). Here’s 6 travel essentials we can’t be without.

1. Electrolytes

Before we went travelling we used Electrolytes predominantly in (vain) attempts to prevent or help cure hangovers. Those craft beers can be pretty hefty and have a tendency to creep up on you if you’re not careful.  While travelling though, we’ve found they’re great for staying hydrated on long haul flights. Pop a couple of electrolytes of your choice in a bottle of water to replenish yourself – and prevent the sundried tomato effect. We’ll probably use them to help with the after-effects of Oktoberfest too.

Electrolytes are one of our travel essentials

Electrolytes. They’re what plants crave.

2. Packing cubes

We’ve only recently discovered these amazing little items. If you were out of the loop on travel accessories like we were, packing cubes are pretty much the best way to organise your backpack or suitcase. You know when you’re hunting for something you know you’ve brought, and you end up with everything unpacked? Yep, well with the packing cubes, you can keep your t-shirts with your t-shirts and shorts with your shorts; all neatly in a dedicated packing cube. Instead of pulling everything out, you just find the cube and away you go! If only we’d gotten these sooner.

3.Mason jars

Now what, pray tell, would we be carrying small, breakable glass jars with us for? Well one of us is a brewer, so the mason jars are used for experimental brews while on the road. Ginger and lemongrass beer or rosella tea cider, anyone? It’s amazing what concoctions you can create using local flavours and produce as inspiration. And when they’re not fermenting beverages in our tiny Airbnb kitchens, they’re packed with rolled up socks and jocks for the travel part.

Mason jars Travel essentials

4. A small collection of my laser cut earrings and brooches

Along with a ridiculously heavy 1.1kg planner (which Melissa is now seriously reconsidering), these babies were on the must-bring list. They’re great for bringing a little personality to an otherwise plain travel wardrobe (and add a little something something to make 3 outfits look like 6). First world problems? Absolutely. But they’re also great conversation starters.

Etsy purchases Travel essentials


5. Bluetooth speaker & family Spotify account

We can’t go anywhere without music, so the bluetooth speaker with a newly-combined Spotify account is the perfect pair to take our tunes wherever we go. The JBL Flip 3 pumps out a pleasingly bassy volume and is splash proof (which we put to the test having it by the pool). Did you know you can combine your Spotify accounts so you’re not both / all paying the same monthly fee? Instead of paying $11.99 per month each, we’re now paying $17.99 combined – and you get to retain your own profiles (so Melissa’s shoe-gazing, “depressy” music doesn’t mess with Adam’s pseudo pop-rock and vice-versa). Win win!

JBL bluetooth speaker and spotify Travel essentials

6. Phrasebooks

Sure we could take our smartphones everywhere and use any number of available translations apps or Google Translate – but we’ve noticed a deficit. These tools don’t give you context and relevant alternatives where the phrasebooks do. We could certainly do with studying them a bit more often so we can get past the basic niceties, but the few times we’ve been *brave* enough to try a few new ones, we’ve been rewarded by appreciative locals.

Phrasebook Travel essentials
How about you? What’s in your must-have packing list?

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