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Yes, we know you’re probaby screaming at us, wondering why on Earth we would write about burgers in Chiang Mai, a city that has so much phenomenal Northern Thai cuisine.

Well, we’ve been in Chiang Mai for over two months total and sometimes we just want some burger goodness with a side of chips. To this end we’ve occasionally (ok, semi-regularly) checked out a few places to get good burgers in Chiang Mai. We’ve now got a few favourite places to go to for this popular western fare.

Echo Café

This was an early find for us as it was a block from the first place we stayed in Chiang Mai. We resisted our burger urge for as long as we could, but eventually we had to give in. It’s a good thing we did. Echo is run by a few young guys and is decked out with Hip Hop styling. It’s casual and comfortable. Importantly though, the burgers are really good.

The bacon cheeseburger is juicy and delicious. They don’t look like big burgers (with the exception of the Dope Burger) but they’re more filling than you’d think. The specialty burgers are the Echo Original and the Dope Burger. The original has everything you want: bacon cheese and a fried egg. The Dope is a creation and a half of a burger. They double down on the meat with pork and chicken, add bacon, cheese and salads of course and then a couple of giant onion rings all on one bun. To make it even better the prices here are cheap. Burgers start at 50 baht (around AU$2 / USD$1.45).

Echo Burger Chiang Mai

Damn Good Burgers and Fries  

With a name like that we had to give this a try. It lives up to it. It has a good selection of burgers beef, pork, chicken, fish and even vege if that’s your thing. You can double up on the meat or even get a large size burger if you like. These are simple, tasty burgers: juicy meat, cheese, sauce and salad. Don’t mistake simplicity for boring though. They really are damn good. The fries are fresh and crisp and if you’re looking for other western fixes they also do hotdogs and grilled cheese too. If you come at the right time of day you can get a beer (Thai law prohibits alcohol sales between 2-5pm). A nice little venue with friendly staff, free wifi and good food.

Damn Good Burgers Chiang Mai

Beast Burger  

This place does the best gourmet burgers in Chiang Mai. The menu has six burgers: four beef, one chicken and a vege. The standard burger – ‘The Beast’ is sensational. Beef, cheese, bacon caramelised (who doesn’t love their onions fancy!) lettuce tomato and ‘Beast Sauce’. SO good. A delicious juicy patty with the cheese melted on to it. A burger this big has potential to tip its insides out over the table, but this holds together all the way through. From there the choices get more gourmet with a mushroom/bacon medley, blue cheese sauce and parmesan topped fried chicken on offer.

The burgers come with fries included in the price and if you want to upgrade to waffle or cheesy fries you can for a few baht extra. Standard fries are dusted lightly with a seasoning that we couldn’t quite put our fingers on but couldn’t get enough of. YUM.

Beast Burger Chiang Mai

So if you’re in Chiang Mai for only a few days then soak up all the local food that you can. If however, you are staying for a while, definitely go check out the burgers.

Did we miss anywhere? What’s your favourite Chiang Mai Burger?

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