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After immersing ourselves in the digital nomad hub of Chiang Mai for a few months, we thought we better get our tourist on and head to the beach before we leave Thailand. So, we’re spending a total of 2 weeks in Ao Nang in Krabi located in the south to finish off our time here.

That length of time is apparently quite surprising to many – our airport transport, our hotel, the restauranteurs on the street – we suppose this is the case because Krabi is typically a city that is used to hosting guests for much shorter stints. We haven’t let that bother us though as we are sure to fill our time easilly.

Here are our observations of this beachside holiday town after our first 5 days:


  1. Long tail boating adventures

It can only be defined as an adventure. A medium sized wooden boat using car engine power and a hand-operated propeller for steering – admirably manual and requiring a lot of skill to navigate the waves.

The day we went out to Railay Beach it was pretty rough. Needless to say we ended up fairly wet upon our return! Just when you think the boat will roll and you’ll have to start treading water, the skilled boatman evens you up again and you’re back on track.

But it was a boat load of fun (puntastic!) and of course, as all good tourists do, capturing a shot of them along the beach is pretty much compulsory. We’ll be getting back on the boat for another adventure… maybe on a slightly calmer sea day though.


Long tail boats at Koh Phi Phi Don


  1. It’s happy hour all the time, everywhere

Walking down the main strip in Ao Nang you’ll be invited into every bar and restaurant. The main draw card that is on offer is happy hour.

Conveniently it will always just happen to be happy hour when you’re walking past! Brilliant.

We’ve tried some good and bad cocktails, some weak, some strong in all shapes and sizes. But overall, being able to buy a cocktail or a big beer for 90Baht ($3.40 AUD / $2.60 USD) is pretty great.

happy hour ao nang

It’s always happy hour here


  1. It’s a gateway to pretty much all the other beaches and islands

Ao Nang has its own nice beach, but also has super easy access to heaps of other beaches and islands which makes our “extended” amount of time here seem just about right.

A quick long tail boat ride around the bay and you’re at Railay Beach. A short drive and you’re at the Andaman Private Beach Club. Venturing further out is made very easy with a myriad of places to book half or full day trips on either long tails or speed boats around the Phi Phi islands (where we witnessed monkeys swimming. Who knew they could do that?!) and the many others – including the very distinct Chicken Island.

monkeys ao nang

Swimming beach monkeys


  1. Food

Yes, once again food has made a top five for us. It’s hard for it not too though. Classic Thai dishes are readily available and delicious. But Ao Nang shines with its seafood. Lobster, prawns, crab, fish and scallops. All fresh, incorporated into Thai dishes or served western style. You can find a seafood meal for every taste and budget.

Pad Thai Goong Ao Nang

Pad Thai Goong (Prawns)


  1. It’s so incredibly beautiful

This is a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world. The water is a gradient of brilliant aqua out to a deep turquoise. The limestone cliffs are uniquely shaped from thousands of years of salt water sculpting. There are bright coloured flags and sashes which adorn the long tail boats as they line up on the hot, white sand. It’s hard not to smile and be amazed that we’re even here when swimming in the surf looking up at such a unique landscape around us.

The view of Phi Phi Don Ao Nang

The view of Phi Phi Don from the top.


We intend to do a little bit more exploring around while we’re here, but mostly our plans for the next week consist of watching a few sunsets while bobbing around in an infinity pool and enjoying some form of cool beverage, walking along the beach and searching for the most interesting sea shells.

Have you been to Ao Nang? Tell us your favourite 5 things.

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