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We spent almost two weeks in total in the lovely Jávea, about 2 hours south of Valencia. Melissa took part in the Digital Nomad Girls retreat for most of that time, while Adam hung out in the beautiful town with the other Digital Nomads staying in the area. It didn’t take us long to feel right at home here. Here’s why:

  1. Sun and Co.

This was our first experience with a coliving and coworking space. Sun and Co. blew away our expectations. Apart from being great accommodation in a great area, we feel like we have a home in Spain whenever we would return (and we’re certain we will). Jon and Edu made us feel welcome immediately. It’s a great community to share space, food and ideas in.

Jávea - Sun & Co

  1. The Beach

The aqua waters of Thailand were something to behold and something we thought would never be topped, but Jávea surprised us with its beautiful deep blue waters that are great for swimming, paddle-boarding, kayaking or just sitting and looking out at. The water has a higher salt level than we are used to, so paddling around is effortless with the extra buoyancy. We were lucky enough to see the moon rise over the horizon at sunset as we enjoyed a beer at the beach. Magic!Jávea - Moon Rise

  1. Tapas and Wine

Our experience eating and drinking our through other parts of Spain had been fantastic. The taste experience continued in Jávea. We worked our way through numerous Croquetas, Patatas Bravas and Pimientos de Padrón. There are so many great little tapas places where you can relax with a long lunch or a late dinner with a nice glass of wine. Every place was friendly and has great food.

Jávea Tapas

  1. The Town

This is a beautiful town with gorgeous narrow maze-like streets that lead to more and more fantastic discoveries. It has beaches, mountains, an old part of town with classic Spanish architecture and some more modern areas. It’s not overrun with tourists but nobody is unfriendly if you are one (noting of course that we visited during the quieter season). Jávea is quiet enough to be peaceful but has enough happening to be fun (we watched a live band in one of the town squares with a beer in hand). The pace is just right. Not too fast, nice and relaxed, with a fun spirit.

Jávea Town

  1. Access to Craft Beer

Ok, so this may be because we’d just came from Thailand and had limited access to craft beer. We didn’t have high hopes for a small beach town in Spain, but Jávea proved us wrong. Many of the bars and restaurants have a variety of styles from different breweries, including the local Xabiga. Spain has some fantastic cervesa artesenal to sample and Jávea is a great spot to do it.

Jávea Craft Beer

All in all, it was with a heavy heart that we left both Jávea and Sun and Co. There is no doubt in our minds that we will be back and we encourage anybody who’ll listen to visit also.

Have you been to Jávea?

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