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So we’re now officially 6 months into our travels. With a 2-hour flight delay, we thought what better opportunity to review how much we’ve done over the past 3 months. Here’s this Quarter’s travel stats infographic.


Packlings Quarterly Travel Stats Infographic


Travel Time

We flew a little less this quarter all up (almost 22 hours) – which has been awesome – but made up the rest of our travel with buses (15 hours). The benefit of buses through Europe has been that they’re so cheap, you don’t have to check your bag or worry about lost luggage, there are no liquids in plastic bags or security lines to wait in, and best of all, there’s free wifi for your trip.



We’ve visited 9 different cities in Thailand, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria. The experience has been completely different having changed continents and having been on the move significantly more. This is certainly evident when reviewing the number of blog posts (oops – we’ve missed a couple of weeks there) and a decline in Instagram posts while we’ve been without a local sim card. We intend to rectify this so we can catch everyone up on what we’re doing in real time.

While the currency has been the biggest shock (mostly to our conservative, South-East Asian budget!), the incredible architecture and historical sites, super friendly people (apart from Munich waiters – but given it was during Oktoberfest, we can forgive that), as usual, delicious food, and meeting up with long-lost exchange students in Austria, has made the continental transition all that much more fun. We also finally got the chance to unpack our winter coats, making our suitcases that much lighter and justifying our giant, impractical backpacks!



It’s been all about water sports for us this Quarter, having tried our hand (thighs actually) at stand-up paddle boarding. Reporting only one fall in each and no loss of sunglasses, we loved it and can’t wait to try it again (hopefully later this year in Las Palmas). There are no funky food firsts this time, but we’ve been startled by “strange” noises. Having stayed in a mixed dorm hostel for the first time, we were treated to the “full” experience, with the midnight shenanigans of a hasty and amorous couple. Our brush with an air raid siren in Prague had us running multiple doomsday scenarios in our head.



Scratching off scratch list item Oktoberfest was definitely the highlight for beers this Quarter. We’ve been lucky to discover a thriving craft beer scene, especially in Eastern Europe (where incidentally the prices of craft beer are actually the cheapest we’ve seen anywhere before by far. Brilliant). We’ve checked in 49 unique beers in the past 3 months.


Digital Nomad-ing

Adam has picked up heaps with freelance writing, having clocked 28 writing jobs for 5 different clients. This has been a nice little kick to our beer fund, but it’s not paying the rent just yet. Our website development skills continue to improve, and we’ve used them to build two new sites for online businesses. Nothing to report home about with those just yet either, but early days and lots of fun to learn about as we go.

Next stop is Paris, then we’re heading to the motherland where we’ll meet Isle of Man family members for the first time, and finally see where Melissa’s grandparents grew up. Not a bad quarter, really. Not bad at all.


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