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Warning: This is a blatant rant.


It’s kind of like an open letter to travel idiots.


You know the ones.


They’re the person who pushes in line in front of you in a queue.


They speak unnecessarily loudly in large groups of people.


They’re carrying an all-to-visible superiority complex and a sense of entitlement.


Here are a few things we’ve noticed and experienced on our travels so far which have really annoyed us. We, of course, opted for the passive-aggressive method of venting – via a blog post.


On the plane or at the airport


Stand back from the carousel while waiting for baggage


Guess what? If everyone jams themselves so close to the carousel that nobody can, in fact, SEE their baggage, or move to collect and drag it off said carousel, then the WHOLE experience becomes unnecessarily uncomfortable.


Actually stepping on somebody in order to grab your bag (which, by the way, will go around in a circle, hence “carousel”, and come back again if you miss it the first time), is possibly one of THE RUDEST THINGS you can do to another human being.


Be patient when the seatbelt sign goes off at landing


Everyone WILL get off the plane. They won’t take off again with stragglers from the last flight.


Knocking out fellow passengers with your oversized cabin luggage will not get you off the plane any faster, nor will it be very good karma.


In line with the above point, it’s probably also one of the rudest things you can do to another person for absolutely no logical reason.



Be respectful to others


It’s great to watch videos on your phone to pass the time between flights, but MAYBE not everyone needs or wants to listen along. Stick some headphones in and respect the rights of others to enjoy their flight delays or layover in peace.


Take your bags OFF of chairs that are designed for humans to sit on. We’re all in this together. Help out by not being a greedy d-bag.


Don't be a travel idiot at airports



Speaking slower and louder won’t solve your communication issues.


You’ll either have to use non-verbal communication (93% of communication is nonverbal anyway – so there’s your hefty head start!), or get a few key phrases in the other language under your belt to help you get by.


Don’t get frustrated with someone because they don’t understand your language.


Don’t make fun of the sounds of another language because it’s different to yours.



English is the first language of less than 500 million people globally (reminder: there are some 7 billion people in the world)


If you can’t read a menu or a sign in another language, get your little smartphone out to help you translate it OR try something different and learn how to ask for the local speciality or “chef’s choice”.


Go with the flow – you didn’t visit another country to see or eat stuff that is exactly like home.


If you need a coffee, why go to Starbucks when you can try a local blend and support local industry?


Why choose to eat Western food when there are so many amazing cuisines unique to your destination and inherently part of the cultural experience?


Why then also complain if it doesn’t taste “right” or just like home? You’re NOT at home.






Pay a-f*cking-ttention


Listen to announcements. Guaranteed you’ll be the first idiot asking for clarification or getting lost because they weren’t paying attention.


Look around and notice what’s going on around you.



Clean up after yourself


That rubbish you left on the beach, the takeaway leftovers you left on the table – who’s going to clean that up??


There is NO EXCUSE for adults to leave rubbish behind them and it’s abhorrent behaviour to expect people to clean up after you – or worse – not even THINK that someone will have to clean up your MESS.


Ok. Rant over.


Sorry, that actually got a bit intense there.


Perhaps it’s not smart to blog after doing four flights in 26 hours. It’s certainly always a minority that makes a bad impression.


Over to you: what annoyance would you add to this open letter?



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