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We’ve managed to survive another three months of our grand adventure. We’ve settled in Bali for a while and are ready to unleash our inner nerd and share our much-loved Quarterly travel stats (a week or two late).



Travel Time

This is a bit of a tricky one because we spent two weeks aboard a cruise ship getting from The Canary Islands to The Dominican Republic (more on that later). If you exclude that we spent 40 hours in the air (ugh) and visited 11 airports. We cut our bus travel to 8 hours this quarter. Needless to say we are now caught up on movies with all those flights. We also had our first experience of US Homeland Security breaking our lock and going through one of our bags. Unfortunately for them it was a boring bag with only clothes to see.



We ticked off a few more cities this quarter than we have previously, we hit 14 cities in 13 countries. Again, the cruise helped out with this, but we were setting a pretty frantic pace, moving every two weeks. We have learned it’s nicer to settle somewhere for at least a month now.

Climates have been interesting. Starting in moderate Paris then heading to freezing Isle of Man and London. Rome was cold but a reprieve from UK weather and Las Palmas had some nice winter sun going on. From there it was tropical in the Caribbean which left us completely unprepared for snow in NYC and Boston (Chuck Taylor’s don’t keep much cold out). Now we are back to a tropical wet season in Bali.



Once again, the world brought us some interesting ‘firsts’. We’ve mentioned it in another post, but thought it was a food first worth bringing up again: we had the Isle of Man delicacy of chips, cheese and gravy. Just the thing after a few local beers the night before. Melissa celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time and all the food to go with it. Neither of us had ever been on a cruise before. It was an interesting way to travel (except for pushy seniors at the buffet who act like they may never get fed again), especially being offline for two weeks. On the cruise, Adam got to see a few flying fish as we crossed the Atlantic.



A return to form with the number of new beers tasted. While according to Untappd our total is 62, we know there were more we didn’t record when we didn’t have Wi-Fi. The US, as expected was great for trying new beers. But friends and family we visited helped that number too, taking us to interesting bars and breweries in the city. Standout beer was at Brew Dog in London: Ship Wreck, a 13.8% strong ale made with peated malt that was aged in whisky barrels. Fantastic, but strong. Best to have one as a nightcap.


Digital Nomad-ing

Things have been steady on the location independent money making front over the last quarter. We did feel more like part of the Nomad community when we took part in the Nomad Cruise. We joined 150 other location independent workers and shared skills, stories and drinks with them. It was great fun. We both gave presentations and Melissa gave a workshop. We learned a lot too, from so many different people with different skills to share. Not to mention crossing the Atlantic and visiting the Caribbean for the first time.


For now, we are settled in Bali for a while, working and relaxing (and catching up on more of our “top 5” blogs we owe you guys).

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